JavaScript is my language of choice. I love how the ecosystem has matured over the years. From jQuery to the first frameworks. Angular and React changing the game. I'm curious to see where we'll go next. Web components for sure, but in which exact shape only time can tell.

I love creating (micro) services with Node.js. Combined with Docker Node.js gives you a lot of flexibility in how you want to organize your services. Continuous Deployment becomes a breeze once you've setup your tests, Dockerfiles and build pipelines correctly.



I have worked in many Agile teams. In those teams I would naturally gravitate towards the Scrum master role. I liked coaching the teams so much that I decided to take this one step further. In the summer of 2017 I started my first Agile Coaching assignment.

What I like about Agile is how it creates focus for everybody involved. By creating our products iteratively we create tight feedback loops on all levels. Not only in the teams, but also for stakeholders and the people who use our products.

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